Mindfulness & Meditation for Health & Wellbeing


Monday Evenings 7th June - 26th July on Zoom, 19:30-21:00, £195

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About the Course:

The ancient practice of mindfulness - cultivating present-moment awareness - is a powerful way to manage stress, find internal balance, and reconnect with who we really are. The 8-week course is the gold standard format for mindfulness education and will give you the tools you need to develop a daily practice and integrate mindfulness into your life. The course is designed to help you:

  • cope better with life’s pressures

  • build positive habits

  • increase your wellbeing


The course includes seminars exploring topics such as the stress reaction, physical pain, anxiety, lifestyle and boosting performance. You will learn a variety of meditation practices including The Body Scan, Following The Breath, Mindful Movement and The Practice of Presence. There will also be guidance on how to integrate mindfulness into your everyday life through walking meditation, daily mindfulness activities and keeping a meditation diary. 


The course includes handouts, weekly assignments and guided audio meditations. Participants are asked to commit to daily home practice to benefit fully from the course. The course is suitable for complete beginners and for all who wish to develop a regular practice of meditation.

Tutor: Josh Geffin has been practicing meditation for 10 years and completed his mindfulness teacher training with Zenways in 2018. He has delivered mindfulness sessions at WeWork, Paramount Pictures and in the local community.



This introduction to Mindfulness has been a huge benefit to me in relieving stress and improving my general wellbeing. As a result of the positive effects to my improved health, I feel it has also improved my creative work and helped me manage the daily stressful tasks with a calm mind. It has been an incentive to practice meditation on a daily basis. Highly recommend.


I wanted to thank you for a great course. I did not really have any expectations from mindfulness practice but it has been very helpful to deal with stress as well as have a more positive outlook towards life. Your approach to teaching is also a stress-reducer – walking into class and hearing your calm, reflective presentation was enough to put me in the right frame of mind!


I really enjoyed the course and recommend it to beginners. I went in knowing very little and feel like I have a much better understanding of mindfulness and myself afterwards. You created a calm environment, encouraged us to ask questions and we shared some really useful and non-judgemental discussions. Thank you.